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    Blushing + Crushing

    As the weeks go by I am slowing starting to crush over this rose quartz trend.  All these pink, blush, pastels are really wearing me down.  I have one really light look and one mix with darker colors below, and I hope you enjoy playing around with this new color of the year as much as I have!

    It is after all the month of love… let’s fall for fashion!Continue reading

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    Monochrome Monday

    My comfort wheelhouse is monochrome outfits. It is where I started and something I always find myself going back to when I am unsure of something.

    Now true monochrome is typically defined with just using blacks, whites, and grays – meaning you could potentially make the the picture black and white and it would look the same… BUT as you know in the fashion world it can be loosely translated into using the same palette of colors, which I LOVE doing.

    When you keep your palette simple like this you can work with some pattern mixing to liven up the outfit without going outside of your comfort zone.  It is, after all, a new year – let’s try something new.Continue reading

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    To cut or Not to cut (your blanket scarf that is)!

    Did you find yourself falling madly in love with the blanket scarf fad, like we did?? These beauties are the best way to add major style to any outfit while keeping you warm and cozy. What’s not to love?!… Well, if you’ve ever tried to wear an actual blanket scarf you were probably overcome by its bulkyness ??  I mean, these things are huge!!  Well have no fear, we have found a solution to this fashion dilema – because we know not having a blanket scarf in your repertoire is not an option ??? So here you have it (brace yourself ?) spread it out wherever you have room and cut it. I’m serious.  Cut that thing in half, diagonally, and jump for joy!!Continue reading

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    Old Navy Style 

    Don’t let the ketchup and mustard colored dressing rooms fool you, Old Navy is my Holy Grail for basics!  With the impending snow storm coming I ran a couple necessary errands which just happened to put me right next door… and I saw SALE SIGNS!!  I stopped in and was thrilled to find some very affordable pieces to share with you lovlies 🙂 See my purchases below and I’ve also linked my favorite sweater (not from Old Navy) which I can’t believe is still in stock!!Continue reading

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    Hunter Blooming?

    Ever notice on your hunter boots, or other rain boots that are rubber that you own, there is that white stuff that accumulates over time?  Well the term for that is called ‘blooming’ – and it is natural and will happen to your boots after a little while.

    Don’t fret! Continue reading

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    Get your Active Wear on ????

    As a new year begins and resolutions are made I can’t help but put a post out about some of my favorite active-wear! ????
    In 2015 I decided to take the plunge and buy my first pair of lulu’s since then I have been hooked!! When you’re a mom there are days when you can’t do anything but put on some yoga pants and keep it moving! If you are looking to make an investment in your yoga wear I highly recommend them!  May I suggest taking a peak at their ‘we made too much’ section – it is the only section where anything is ever ‘discounted’Continue reading