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    March Favs

    March was a fun month for us – Amanda went to Aruba and spiced up our page with some drool worthy pics and Michelle went to Chicago to eat too much food and brave the colder weather!

    We wanted to get our favorite looks (with links) up for easy access!  Enjoy!Continue reading

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    Blumoss Swimwear

    Ladies – if you are anything like me when the sun begins to make its appearance you start daydreaming of being poolside in a cute new suit.. amiright?? Personally I am most comfortable in a onepiece and every year I run into the same problem – I want to stand out and look cute (hot!) but it’s just so darn difficult to find something different yet flattering.  Well, I have done to hard work for you and let me tell ya, it doesn’t get better than Blumoss Swimwear (insert a thousand exclamation points here!!!)!

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    Vacation Ready! 

    Ahhhh the sun is starting to heat up the Midwest and I am more than ready to get up and out of here for spring break!  I’ve been craving the summer sun since the beginning of February and have been counting down the days for a few weeks now.  I’m usually the one making the travel plans but this time I gave my hubby total control in planning this trip (I know, I don’t know what I was thinking – it could have gone so very wrong…).  After weeks of wondering I was SO excited to find out we will be spending  TEN whole days in Aruba!!!   He did goooood and I. Can’t. Wait!

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    Chrissy Knee High Socks

    It is always fun when someone offers to bring our followers an exclusive discount for their product, and these knee high socks couldn’t be more perfect for the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day holiday! For all you Cross Fit fans out there, we know you like to show some personality when you work out and not to mention with baseball season right around the corner, get your teams colors and get ready to rock those socks with a great pair of tennis shoes!  We love supporting fellow small businesses that have a great attitude and work hard to have their products being made in the USA!!Continue reading

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    What we wore (and bought!)

    When you see a girl emerge from Sephora with that striking black and white striped bag don’t you just wonder what they purchased??  With hundreds of products to choose from I always find myself thinking, ‘oooh what’d they get?!!’  I have always loved playing around with makeup and I will fully admit I’m a total skin care hoarder… ?? #cantstopwontstop  Here are the four products I purchased this weekend and have to say I am lovinnnnng each one of them!Continue reading

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    To Infinity (scarf) and beyond! ?


    The very idea of a scarf you don’t have to tie is exciting!  And now they make so many varieties AND they don’t always look like one which is even better!

    As a working mom sometimes I get scarf anxiety… like in the morning I know what outfit I want to wear, but oh, how should I tie my scarf #momproblems

    Sometimes it is nice to have an old trusty infinity scarf lying around to make things a breeze.  Other people might not care, but my favorite thing is when you CAN’T tell if it is an infinity scarf or not 🙂  But honestly they are nice to have around with winter coats and things of that nature, so I have a few listed below for you to check out!  Enjoy!Continue reading

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    IG Roundup (2/6)

    I don’t know about where you live but, here in the Midwest, this weeks weather has been all over the place! ☀️?❄️☔️ We’ve had some warm days, some frigid ones and of course – rain.  Luckily we have great outfits for everything Mother Nature has thrown at us haha ? ? Check out some of our favorites below!   Continue reading

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    Blushing + Crushing

    As the weeks go by I am slowing starting to crush over this rose quartz trend.  All these pink, blush, pastels are really wearing me down.  I have one really light look and one mix with darker colors below, and I hope you enjoy playing around with this new color of the year as much as I have!

    It is after all the month of love… let’s fall for fashion!Continue reading

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    Monochrome Monday

    My comfort wheelhouse is monochrome outfits. It is where I started and something I always find myself going back to when I am unsure of something.

    Now true monochrome is typically defined with just using blacks, whites, and grays – meaning you could potentially make the the picture black and white and it would look the same… BUT as you know in the fashion world it can be loosely translated into using the same palette of colors, which I LOVE doing.

    When you keep your palette simple like this you can work with some pattern mixing to liven up the outfit without going outside of your comfort zone.  It is, after all, a new year – let’s try something new.Continue reading