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    Next Level Luggage 

    Here we are again looking forward to another year filled with family vacations and weekend getaways.  It’s always so exciting when the time comes to start the packing process (well, maybe not the laundry part..).  One thing I’ve always skimped on was luggage.  I mean, a bag is a bag, or so I thought.  I discovered DELSEY last year while searching for a gift for my husband.  He travels a lot for work and has gone through so. many. bags.  He’s pretty rough on his things and was well over due for a new piece of luggage.  When his piece came in I checked it over and made sure it was something that would work for him.  Needless to say I was thrilled with the quality and look of his carry on (find it HERE) and immediately wanted one for myself.

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    A Little Ily Love

    If you’re like us you are always looking for a ‘new’ place to shop.  A place that has quality unique pieces, at affordable prices.  We’ve done the leg work for you and are excited to introduce you to our new favorite online boutique!  Based on the pieces we have their sizes are TTS (true to size) and the shipping is free over $20!  Also, should you ever have an issue (which we’ve never experienced) their customer service team is wonderful and super helpful.

    You can shop the boutique here as well as some of our newest looks we are loving, below!


    Denim // Sunglasses // Shoes // Shirt // Purse 

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    Blanket Scarf Cutting


    Did you find yourself falling madly in love with the blanket scarf fad, like we did?? These beauties are the best way to add major style to any outfit while keeping you warm and cozy. What’s not to love?!… Well, if you’ve ever tried to wear an actual blanket scarf you were probably overcome by its bulkiness ??  I mean, these things are huge!!  Well have no fear, we have found a solution to this fashion dilemma – because we know not having a blanket scarf in your repertoire is not an option ???Continue reading

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    What’s In My Cart ??

    LOFT rarely does FREE shipping (plus 50% off everything) so when they do RUN!! ??

    These 5 pocket leggings were such a hit for me that I wanted to throw them up here real quick and give you a preview of what is in my shopping cart for the LOFT sale!  What is great is the pants are on sale for only $35 and if that is all you want to buy it still ships for FREE!! ??Now that is something to celebrate on a Monday!Continue reading

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    NSale Restock????

    We know that it was super frustrating to see some of our looks and know that the item was out of stock, but now that the sale is over some of our favorite fall favorites are back in stock and we highly suggest you grab them now before the season is upon us and we are wearing them OUT!?

    So here these beautiful pieces are – we hope you enjoy them as much as we do – as much as we love summer, we are soooo ready for fall!?????Continue reading