Recently I traveled to Banff, and while I was there someone asked me ‘What do you enjoy doing in your free time…’ — my initial thoughts went to shopping (which seemed vain) and then it hit me. THIS is what I love… TRAVEL! Specifically going to the mountains.  There is something refreshing to your soul about that clean mountain air.  So between hiking Camelback last year, and Sulphur Mountain in Banff this year… I am hooked!

So for all of you curious if you should spend the money and go to Banff, you WON’T be disappointed.

The weather can be tricky seeing as the altitude changes drastically from down in the town to up in the mountains, it is pretty simple to just dress like an onion, and add or subtract layers as you climb up or down the mountains.  So I packed my trust DELSEY luggage to get all my ‘stuff’ there and back! 😉  If you haven’t invested in a piece or two you are really missing out.  We have found that it is durable, reliable, AND lightweight.  Amanda and I were just recently talking about how it is the little things, like how well it rolls through the airport, you don’t realize how important that is until you are doing it and aren’t bothered by your luggage holding you up.


Now onto the trip….

Where I stayed: Fairmont Banff Springs I mean need I say more, the history, the beauty, the location are all exactly what you need to take in that mountain air.  While I don’t have pictures, the spa is to DIE for. So book yourself an appointment while you are there and you will get usage of the spa for the day (and go ahead and plan on NOTHING else)…ha

Lakes to Visit: Lake Louise, Lake Moraine (near each other, rent a car, go on a tour, take a trip to these two stunning lake between the mountains and beneath the glaciers.

Lake Minnewonka is also beautiful but is man made which I don’t always find NEARLY as intriguing as the natural Lakes and Springs. Don’t get me wrong it was still beautiful (see below)

Must Hike: Sulphur Mountain, you can go by gondola, or trail.  Either way you’ll get the best views of Banff, and a chance to really take in that fresh clean air at 8,000′

Must Visit: Canmore – it is a town over and it is outside the national park, so while it has more of a residential feel you can easily dine outside there with some great mountain views!


Must Pack: See all the trusty staple pieces for a trip like Banff

Thanks for stopping by and I really do hope you consider putting Banff on your bucket list… because I WILL be back.