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    Last Minute Shopping with Nordstrom

    If you’re anything like me you’ve probably got a few last minute gifts that you still need to grab!  I tell myself every year that I won’t let this happen, but then things get busy and ultimately I’m scrambling at the last minute for a few extra gifts.  Luckily, if you’ve missed the Christmas shipping cut off dates, Nordstrom makes it easy for you to get what you need.  Recently I’ve been taking full advantage of their, ‘buy online and pick up in store’ option at checkout.  It’s my hubby’s new favorite way to shop!


    What’s even better – when you arrive at the store you don’t even need to get out of the car!  No kidding, they offer curb side service!!  See, best shopping experience ever!  I love the ease of shopping online but this makes it ten times easier to actually get the items I need.  This time of year the mall can be so exhausting and my best tip – skip the line and give this a try at Nordstrom.com!

    Shop my look below as well as some of my last minute gift ideas!

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    My Nordstrom Wishlist


    It’s no secret that Nordstrom is one of my favorite retailers and this year they are making my gift-getting so much easier!  I’m taking full advantage of their online Wish List and filling my own cart with the items I want most.  As an adult it’s so hard when I get asked what I want for Christmas… I find myself asking for kitchen gadgets the whole family can use and then wishing I had gotten a little something I loved, that’s just for me!


    Now when my hubby asks if there’s anything I would like, I can simply share my Whish List via email and he can pick and choose which items to get.  It’s so perfect for significant others, and parents also!  I don’t like the idea of picking out my own gifts but with this feature I get the surprise of not knowing and my husband is confident I’ll love what he got.  It’s really a win/win!

    There is also an e-gift card option which I LOVE!  I mean, who wouldn’t want that showing up in their inbox!?!  And don’t worry, if you still have gifts to get, Nordstrom is offering free Christmas delivery with a cut off date of 12/21!!  (9am PST to be exact!)  So see, easy peasy!

    I hope you all find this option as helpful as I have this holiday season!  You can shop my outfit below as well as a few items I have on my own Wish List!

    To learn more about the special in store services offered at Nordstrom visit them HERE!

    Outfit Details:

    What’s on My Wish List:

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    Getting Cozy With Ugg

    When the weather starts to get colder I’m always excited to pull out my Ugg’s!  Of course I always reach for my usual faves (the Bailey Button in Chestnut) but this year I was due for a new pair and immediately fell in love with this style.  These leather boots are water resistant (an awesome added bonus!) and lined with the classic Ugg sheepskin, so they are super warm.  And I just love the buckle detail in the back!  Not to mention the fold over look is super flattering paired with skinny jeans and I love that I will be able to pair these with SO many cozy outfits.  While I was shopping around for the boots I snagged this hat, which I was so thankful for on such a chilly, windy day.  A classic pom pom hat is one of my favorite accessories for winter and the quality of this one is definitely swoon worthy!

    A helpful hint I wanted to mention was that for the first time ever I took full advantage of Nordstrom’s online store pickup option at checkout.  I placed my order online that morning and noticed the option at the bottom to pick it up that same day… Since I was going to be over towards the mall but didn’t really want to run in with a husband and kiddo in tow, I figured I’d give it a shot.  I got a text message within an hour (I think they quote two) letting me know my order was ready and which door to go to.  The message also noted that I could respond to the text if I wanted curbside pickup!  Did you know they do that?!?  Needless to say my hubby was thrilled, and it was hands down the best shopping trip of his life haha!  Of course you can always stick to the regular online ordering method with their awesome free shipping and easy returns, which are just a few of the reasons I LOVE shopping at Nordstrom.

    Shop my full look below!



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    UGG Mom Life

    As a new mom of two I find myself online shopping more than ever — Especially now that I am up with a newborn again in the middle of the night, can you say dangerous?? My go to is obviously Nordstrom because of their free shipping and free returns.  You don’t quite understand the TRUE value of that until you are housebound. They make it super easy by providing a prepaid label so you can order all the sizes and return what doesn’t fit! Something I desperately need with my ever changing body. ???

    I have only ever owned the traditional boots/slippers but I recently have found myself looking for lounge-wear that I can wear in front of visitors insert my new favorites from UGG!

    If you haven’t invested in a pair of UGG slippers you are certainly missing out.  This is my second pair (thanks to the hubs) and they do not disappoint!  OH, and the robe — yup, not taking it off!  Any of these would make anyone swoon, so you’re welcome for the early gift ideas!

    Now — shall I sip more coffee and try and sleep?? Funny, right? ha


    This post is sponsored by Nordstrom and UGG

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    NSale Roundup

    As promised, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has gotten a little overwhelming (understatement of the year, right?!).  So I’ve rounded up my favorite items that are worth ALL the hype!  And trust me – I’ve done quite a few returns so I’m giving you what I would actually wear.


    First I’ll start with these tops and the navy shift dress.  These were all winners that came home with me (or ordered online in my size) to keep!  Some of these brands like Free People and Rails can be super pricey and not always in my budget – so I grabbed them quick while they are discounted.  I got my true sixe (XS) in everything and went with a size 0 in the dress (ruffle shoulders and SO flattering on).



    Now on to my absolute favorite sale picks, period.  If you are looking for affordable denim THESE are by far the best!  I am very picky about the way my jeans fit – and they have to be comfortable or I won’t even bother… The two pairs of jeans featured in these pics are $38 and $41 (OMG!) and they feel like designer!  The Vigoss pair will need to be hemmed to fit me but for this price it is well worth it!  Side note: Nordstrom cardholders get a $100 credit towards alterations, so that’s something to keep in mind if you are on the verge.  Moving on – the faux leather legging in the top, middle photo are my favorites from the sale!  They are a little snug so sizing up one size wouldn’t hurt on these.  Each of these outfits can be mixed with other wardrobe staples and worn multiple ways so you’ll definitely get your moneys worth this coming fall!



    On my way out of the store yesterday I had to hit the beauty counter… I heard some of my favorite products were marked down in sets (things I use everyday anyway that never go on sale!!). These items also make great gifts so make sure to check that off your list while they are marked down!  I also had to check out the designer bags and these two were my picks – don’t be surprised if you end up seeing them on my feed soon..!
    This sale runs through August 6th and Nordstrom is notorious for restocking items a few times, so don’t panic if something is sold out – but if you see something you love, grab it!  We will try to stay on tops of items and of course post what we thing you need (even if it’s everything haha!).
    Happy shopping! ???

    Xoxo – Amanda


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    Nordstrom Sale Picks!???

    Well today is the day that all you Nordstrom Card holders can get your early access to the sale!  We have narrowed down our top picks that we think you should run out and grab RIGHT NOW!!!

    We know, it is hard to think Fall when it is 90+ degrees out there, but don’t have regrets come fall when these are full price again :(.  These will be the lowest prices of some of the seasons hottest new trends!  Scrolling links are under each collage.

    Happy Shopping!!

    XOXO ???

    Amanda & Michelle


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    Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

    For Nordstrom cardholders the beloved Nordstrom Anniversary Sale starts THIS Thursday!  If you’re on the fence about getting a Nordstrom card (credit or debit) now might be the time to take the plunge.  Not only do you get early access to the biggest sale of the year but you earn points on every purchase.  Once you reach a certain level of points you get a $20 gift card to spend with NO minimum!  It’s really a Win Win.  If you decide not to go that rout you will still have plenty of time to shop the sale – July 21st through August 6th.  

    (Apply for the Nordstrom card HERE)

    Now onto the sale!  Most retailers have some pretty great end-of-season sales but this particular sale is for the upcoming Fall season.  You got that right – prices are slashed for the NEW items coming in for Fall!  Check out what I’m looking forward to most…

    Vests and wraps are always a good idea for fall, and these are gorgeous!  I’ve got my eye on this beautiful gray vest that will be marked down to $65!!  And don’t be surprised if that plaid number ends up on my feed too! 

    Ruffles and plaid, oh my!  I want them ALL!  

    And you can’t talk about the Nordstrom Sale without mentioning the boots 🙂  These are always a must! Boots can be expensive so snag them with these deep discounts while you can. 

    Okay now before you get overwhelmed I have some tips for WINNING the sale – 

    1. Take inventory of what you have.  If you’re all set on denim but could use a new pair of shoes, focus on that first.  Go through your closet now and make a mental note of what you could really use this fall.  That way you get what you need and if there is some wiggle room left in your budget you can add a few items you have your eye on. 

    2. When you find what you LOVE, grab it!  I made the mistake last year of letting a few items sit in my cart and they were gone the next morning.. Nordstrom does a great job of restocking items but sometimes your size or color choice might not come back until the price has gone up, and that’s a real bummer.  Also remember they have an amazing return policy, so if need be you can easily return something. 

    3. Check our blog page daily!  We know how hard it is to sift through sooo many sale items and this one tends to be overwhelming.  We will have a page dedicated to the Anniversary Sale and will update it daily!  Since it’s much easier to shop the sale online we will be doing the hard work for you 🙂 

    Most of all have fun and enjoy the sale!  I’ll see you back here bright and early on the 12th!


    Amanda ????

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    Recently I traveled to Banff, and while I was there someone asked me ‘What do you enjoy doing in your free time…’ — my initial thoughts went to shopping (which seemed vain) and then it hit me. THIS is what I love… TRAVEL! Specifically going to the mountains.  There is something refreshing to your soul about that clean mountain air.  So between hiking Camelback last year, and Sulphur Mountain in Banff this year… I am hooked!

    So for all of you curious if you should spend the money and go to Banff, you WON’T be disappointed.

    The weather can be tricky seeing as the altitude changes drastically from down in the town to up in the mountains, it is pretty simple to just dress like an onion, and add or subtract layers as you climb up or down the mountains.  So I packed my trust DELSEY luggage to get all my ‘stuff’ there and back! 😉  If you haven’t invested in a piece or two you are really missing out.  We have found that it is durable, reliable, AND lightweight.  Amanda and I were just recently talking about how it is the little things, like how well it rolls through the airport, you don’t realize how important that is until you are doing it and aren’t bothered by your luggage holding you up.


    Now onto the trip….

    Where I stayed: Fairmont Banff Springs I mean need I say more, the history, the beauty, the location are all exactly what you need to take in that mountain air.  While I don’t have pictures, the spa is to DIE for. So book yourself an appointment while you are there and you will get usage of the spa for the day (and go ahead and plan on NOTHING else)…ha

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    4th of July Ready

    We are rounding up our favorite picks for the 4th!  The great thing about patriotic apparel is you can wear it all summer because it is a BBQ friendly attire so when you miss the 4th you always have Labor Day to sport it one last time before the end of summer 🙁 BUT let’s not think about that, because the summer has just begun!

    Cheers America — we ❤️?you!

    Shop our favorite 4th picks from Ily here!

    Amanda’s Top

    Michelle’s Top

    Shop our Full looks:

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    Floral Shorts 

    A high waisted short is probably my favorite look for summer.  These caught my eye with their neutral floral color and light ruffle – I can’t do too much ruffle (or color haha) but this one is small enough to notice without being obnoxious.  They are also a lightweight material and feel soooo good on.  Perfect for hot summer days!  When choosing a top I went with a slightly flowy cami to allow for a looser look up top.  Make sure when you are tucking, that the shirt isn’t too loose so it can be tucked properly.  A tighter tank works too, my favorites are THESE.  I’ve linked my two favorite tops below that are great for tucking in. Because believe it or not – that’s the trickiest part when it comes to high waist styles.  You have to be able to get a good tuck.  If too much material is billowing out it tends to look messy.  Which is not the look we are going for here 😉

    Back to the shorts – these are just AHHdorable and you can’t beat this price!!  They are currently marked down to $16.65 (from $28)!!!  I am telling you, you will be the talk of the town in these!  After posting them on my Insta Story last weekend my inbox has blown up with messages regarding these shorts, and rightfully so.  These shorts do run slightly small in my opinion.  I am wearing a small and they fit perfectly.   I usually always order the smallest size which tends to be an XS so make sure to check the measurements provided!  They go up to an XL so I would assume that would probably fit like a Large and so on.

    And don’t be afraid, I have ordered multiple items from this retailer before without issue.  I know that can make some of you hesitate to purchase but believe me when I say I would not post something if I had a bad experience when ordering.  They note at the top of their website that In-Stock items usually ship withing 24hrs and they have Free Shipping worldwide!  It does state that they do not cover return shipping unless there is something wrong with the item upon arrival.  I have not had to return any of the items I have purchased so far but keep that in mind.

    Thanks for stopping by!  TGIF!!

    Xoxo – Amanda